8 Essential Items For Safer Travel in 2020

I like to think the world isn’t as big and scary as it’s often made out to be. I have personally found that feeling safe can be down to confidence, but that takes time. If you are new to solo travel like I am, there are some handy items out there to give you peace of mind and to make you more comfortable with being out and about on your own.

These are the items that I think are essential to pack for travel, whether you are alone or not.

Anti-theft Bag

An anti-theft bag does what it says on the tin! They come in a range of cross body bags and backpacks and are designed with built-in safety features to stop your belongings from being taken.

The most common threat to travellers is petty theft and pickpocketing. Especially around popular city tourist spots. There are some amazing bags from Pacsafe that are really secure, with hidden pockets and some are slash-proof. They are on the expensive side but they have amazing reviews. I admittedly don’t have one of these (one for the Christmas list this year) and use one from Amazon that’s much cheaper and does the job. It allows me to pack the bag from the back meaning no one can access my belongings for as long as the straps are on my shoulders.


Personal Alarm

A personal alarm is a little device that can amit a loud siren sound when someone needs help. You can get a variety of alarms, some that are triggered by the press of a button, or some have a tag with a pin that slots inside the device, that goes off once that tag is pulled and as a result that pin is removed. They are really useful to attract attention when needed or to discourage an attacker.

This is something that I have actually carried around with me most of the time since I was about 16/17, thankfully, I haven’t needed to use it. It gives me confidence though that it could stop a situation should it arise. I have a couple that I have used over the years but my most recent ones are a pack of 3 and can be found here on Amazon.

Money Belt

I think that money belts are always a good idea and not just for travel. They are something that I have been using for concerts and festivals since I was 16 as any trip can be ruined quickly with your money being stolen. I especially like the smaller ones that you can fit easily underneath clothing like this one here. Not only do they keep your money safe but there are some that are also a decent size for you to fit your phone inside.

Image source: Amazon

Doorstop Alarm

This is something I have never used but after hearing of an unfortunate incident where someone woke up to her belongings having been ransacked in the night, it’s definitely now on my list of safety items to pack. A doorstop alarm is essentially a wedge you put under the door to your room, and when someone attempts to enter your room, it amits a loud siren much like the personal alarm. As well as waking everyone up within a mile radius, it acts as a wedge, stopping the person from actually being able to enter your room as quickly too.

Tile Tracker

During all the chaos at the beginning of the pandemic, someone I know using a connecting flight home had their luggage go missing. They got on their second flight but their luggage was never on it with them. If it wasn’t for a Tile tracker, they would have never realised that the luggage had been loaded onto the wrong flight and was sitting in Chicago halfway across the world.

To track the tile, there is an app that you can download and sync it up to. You can take your Tile tracker off of your suitcase and attach it the bag you will be using daily unless you buy a pack of two or four to cover all necessities. The app allows you to share the Tile location with family and friends, so they can see where you are, which I think is a handy additional safety measure. They can also be attached to your purse or your keys.

Image Source: The New York TImes

Power Bank

Power banks are something I’m surprised people don’t carry around more often. Mine is always in my bag in fear my headphones will lose battery on public transport and I have to hear people’s conversations or worse, they try and start a conversation with me.

Jokes aside, a power bank is a must-have for solo travel, especially as you only have your phone to rely on and if you get lost, you could get rather stuck. Not travelling alone? Then it’s still just good common sense to have one each, especially if you’re camping along your travels.

There are so many power banks out there to choose from. However, for the price and the length of time it lasts, the one I have found to work best is the Anker PowerCore.

Anti-bacterial Gel and Wipes

I think it’s safe to say after this year we can all agree that it’s not just other people or poor luggage handling we need to be protecting ourselves from. I have always carried anti-bacterial gel and wipes. People used to laugh at me for getting on a plane and wiping my seat down and not touching anything without using hand sanitiser after. Well, who’s laughing now? (…too soon?)

With the World opening back up again, we can’t be naive to the fact that COVID-19 is still very much around. As people begin to go on holidays, cases have started to increase and I think we can all do our part by wiping something down once we have used it and by using hand sanitser more often.

Face Mask

I don’t need to explain this one, do I?

None of the links I’ve supplied or items mentioned are commissioned ads. I either genuinely enjoy the product or recommend it from research.

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