A return from Paris, a return to writing…

Bienvenue… For those that followed me on social media and have been on the email list since week 1, you will know that this blog started because of the dream trip to Paris that I was yet to experience. I decided to go to Paris on my own in fear that of waiting for someoneContinue reading “A return from Paris, a return to writing…”

Christmas Gift Guide for Travel Lovers 2020

The festive season has officially begun! I know that may seem a little early for some of you. However, after the recent lockdown 2.0 that has been imposed in England, November is cancelled, and Christmas has started in my household. Whether you think that it’s too soon to be decorating or not, it’s certainly timeContinue reading “Christmas Gift Guide for Travel Lovers 2020”

My 2020 Autumnal Watchlist

As autumn sets in, there is nothing better than settling down to get into a good tv series or movie. I often like to rewatch my favourites. Some of them are not always ‘autumny’, but they give me a sense of nostalgia that I find comfort in as the evenings get darker and the temperaturesContinue reading “My 2020 Autumnal Watchlist”

7 Best Autumnal Walks in South England

Its official, summer is over here in the UK. Our shortlived blue skies have been replaced by grey clouds and red leaves all over on the ground. Despite the darker evenings and the colder temperatures, autumn is my favourite time of year. I love how autumn looks, the lead up to Halloween and Christmas plusContinue reading “7 Best Autumnal Walks in South England”

Lets discuss failure…

The title makes this post sound negative and sinister – Much like the concept of failure itself, I promise it’s not. I am such a control freak, I will happily admit that these days. This also comes with a quality in myself I don’t love – I hate the thought of failing anything. In someContinue reading “Lets discuss failure…”

A Weekend In North Cornwall

For those that have been reading my blog posts and following my Instagram, it’s no secret that Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the world. To me, Cornwall proves that sometimes the best places don’t need a boarding pass and are only a stone throw away. I have spent so much time inContinue reading “A Weekend In North Cornwall”

A Weekend In Naples: Catacombs & Castles

Welcome to the 3rd and final part! If you’ve stuck with me this long, thanks because I know this is overdue. I previously have written about my experience of travelling during COVID-19 and about my first impressions and experience of Naples in part 1. I also wrote about my day up Mount Vesuvius and aroundContinue reading “A Weekend In Naples: Catacombs & Castles”

A Weekend In Naples: Vesuvio & Pompeii

Welcome to part 2. I have previously spoken about my experience of travelling during COVID-19 and last time, wrote about my first impressions and experience of Naples in part 1. On day 2, I headed out for a jam-packed day of walking, hiking and little did I realise at the time – burning and notContinue reading “A Weekend In Naples: Vesuvio & Pompeii”

A Weekend In Naples: First Impressions

During lockdown, I felt suffocated after being stuck in my house for months on end, no different than I know the majority of us were feeling. So out of hitting desperation in June, I took the risk and booked a flight and Airbnb in Naples for the beginning of September. This was whilst we stillContinue reading “A Weekend In Naples: First Impressions”

What To Expect When Travelling During COVID-19

As the world starts to open up after months of lockdown, the concept of having the freedom to travel feels ironically foreign. After hearing of so many cancellations and countries going back onto the UK quarantine list, I held my breathe on getting to go to Italy until the plane was physically off the ground.Continue reading “What To Expect When Travelling During COVID-19”