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A Weekend In North Cornwall

For those that have been reading my blog posts and following my Instagram, it’s no secret that Cornwall is one of my favourite places in the world. To me, Cornwall proves that sometimes the best places don’t need a boarding pass and are only a stone throw away.

I have spent so much time in South Cornwall but was keen to wander around the ports and harbours of North Cornwall, especially on the north coast. So at the beginning of October, while Storm Alex threatened to flood the UK, I managed to explore and see most of where I wanted to go. So here we have: A Weekend In North Cornwall.

Cornish Rock Gin

On our way down to Boscastle on the first night, we took a detour to Cornish Rock Gin. This small gin business makes a variety of gins and are owned by the most lovely family. Despite the pandemic, they put measures in place to make gin tasting still available – and they are bloody delicious. I came away with a couple of bottles and a little bit of a light head from the countless strong tasters.


Famous for being flooded and swept away in 2004, is a little village – Boscastle. With dramatic slate cliffs along the harbour and a few cute shops, this is a brilliant place to stay for some peace and quiet with a variety of holiday cottages and AirBnBs. I stayed literally right down into the harbour in a stunning old fisherman’s cottage with the most stunning kitchen and best of all – a fireplace.

There is a shop called Boscastle Gallery with some unique gifts and amazing art. Another is Boscastle Pottery. Everything in this store is made by the man who owns it. He sits and makes the products for you to be able to see at the end of his store. He was so talented I couldn’t help but spend money.

As per usual, I found a pub to go to two nights on the trot. The Cobweb Inn is the most lovely little cornish pub offering the best beers, ciders and ales on tap with a traditional pub grub menu. The staff were lovely and with the difficult circumstances at the moment, were polite and made us feel comfortable.


Following Boscastle we headed off to Tintagel. Unfortunetely, the weekend we were in Cornwall was what has now been named the wettest weekend of the year in the UK. This meant that I was unable to visit Tintagel Castle due to severe weather warnings and it being closed off for health and safety. bummer.

When we got there, we went for afternoon tea. Now, important question from an age old debate:

After our afternoon tea’s we wondered around the little shops and I found somewhere that does fudge. For those of you that don’t know me, I would give up a limp for fudge. I spent £15 on 3 bags full of it – Clotted cream vanilla, salted caramel and honeycomb. Money well spent in my opinion.

Port Isaac

On Sunday we got up to head over to Port Isaac – a small fishing village. My mum is a massive fan of Doc Martin and the Fishermans Friends so we were very much looking forward to going here as it sets the scene for both stories. As you walk into the village you can see the house used for Doc Martin on the hill and picture the fisherman singing sea shanties as they enter the harbour. There are more stunning little quaint shops and a harbour beach to walk around.

Unfortunetely, due to the time of year we didn’t get to see the fishermans friends. Although they now perform for a living, they can still be found in the harbour and off out fishing, every friday in the summer.


By the time we got to Padstow, the weather was horrendous. Luckily, Padstow has many little cafe’s and shops to keep you sheltered from the wind and rain. There are plenty of places to find cornish pasties, sweets, fudge and little interior pieces for your home. I also found a really lovely bookshop that kept me occupied for the best part of half an hour.

Due to the weather, after we had a walk and shopped a little, we decided to get cornish pastys and some potatoes to made homemade wedges back at the cottage for dinner. We spent the evening watching the fisherman’s friends film with plenty of tea and biscuits.

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