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Another Day, Another Case of Coronavirus Disruption

As some of you may know, I was originally meant to be visiting Paris in April. This was then rebooked to the beginning of October due to the ‘rona virus (shock).

So, the plan was to go on 7th October for a week and I had been so excited. However, today when I was confirming my airport transfer for Naples and double-checking my flight times, I saw on the EasyJet app that both of my Paris flights had been canceled. I can honestly say I haven’t felt so gutted in such a long time. It was only a few days ago I sat down to go over the trip itinerary to look at booking a trip to Versailles, getting ready to buy my museum tickets, planning each day, etc.

I don’t really know why it was canceled, I think by the looks of it because after other people canceling, I was the only person on the flight (private jet, yes please mate). Along with that, France has an increasing number of cases meaning that we, in the UK, have to self-isolate when we return. France wasn’t happy when we added that restriction so now, tit for tat, are looking to implement it the other way round too. Making it impossible to go on holiday there.

However, I am now hopefully going on 4th November. Yes, the weather will be colder but I see this as an opportunity to treat myself to a nice coat and as extra time to put more money into a pot so I can absolutely spoil myself while I am there. If there is anything seasonal that isn’t open for some reason due to it being winter, then I will just have to do a second trip next year won’t I. Shame.

So, let the countdown begin (again) to me heading to the most romantic city in the world, alone… and I can’t bloody wait.



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